Group Tour Etiquette

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Be a good example

We in the USA have a reputation in many countries for being inconsiderate travelers. Please do your best to be a good example while on tour. Remember who you represent.

The guide has heard it many times before

Please consider that, unless you are asked, you should not try to persuade the guide to conform to your beliefs and opinions.

Be on time

The guide will give you specific times for photos, shopping and departures. Listen to the directions and do your best to be on time so that the rest of the group does not have to wait for you.

Change seats on the bus

Let everyone have their time in the prime seats. If you sit in the front on one day, please sit in the rear on the next day.

Do not block the view

If you are tall, let the smaller people in front of you during guide commentary.

Do not speak when the guide is speaking.
Be flexible and keep a positive attitude.

Thank you for traveling with Pilgrim Tours: We consider it a privilege to serve you and hope that you have a wonderful tour.